Our Culture

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Through the Customers We Serve,

The Positive Culture We Create,

& The Communities we Support.

What We Live By

At The McAlear Group, our mission is simple: to be Uniquely Better. We aim to serve our customers, create purposeful culture and support our local communities in a long-term, sustainable way.

Our Core Values

Since 1962, we’ve had a distinctive way of doing business. In 2017, we broke down the ways that we’re uniquely better in our 3 core values. These core values, known as The Three C’s, are more than just words. They’re a way of life here at The McAlear Group.

Besides being recognizable, these beliefs create the framework for The McAlear Group’s actions. As we grow, our processes, strategies and goals may change, but these core values are hardwired into our DNA. They guide everything we do, including how we serve our customers, create our culture and support our communities.

Our Three C's

Since our humble beginnings, The McAlear Group has been obsessed with serving our CUSTOMERS. We build simple, unique and fun experiences that make their businesses better and more successful. We aim to exceed customer expectations by providing best-in-class customer service and being their supplier of choice and a world-class industry manufacturer.

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We rely on a strong company CULTURE to ensure that every single member of our team remains driven, passionate and purposeful in their day to day lives as well as their future goals and aspirations. As we continue to grow, we ask all of our people to “say anything” and speak their ideas and opinions. We encourage our team to never stop learning, growing and staying curious, to become an Ideal Team Player and allow us to be their ‘Employer of Choice’

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We support the COMMUNITIES where we work, play and live. We drive positive and lasting change in these areas by sharing our time and resources with organizations that are important to our team.

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Our Philosophy

To achieve our mission of being Uniquely Better through the customers we serve, the culture we create and the communities we support, we focus on two important business philosophies.

  1. Being a Supplier of Choice for our customers
  2. Being the Employer of Choice for our team

Supplier of Choice

When we got started in 1962, we obsessively focused on providing unequaled customer service to our customers. Today, we offer Best-In-Class Customer Service with a knowledgeable and experienced sales team. We also have easy to use online ordering platforms and mobile applications to simplify the lives of our customers.

Our World Class American industry manufacturing and extensive distributed product offering make us a One Stop Shop in the overhead door and drain cleaning industries. And with numerous service centers (distribution centers) around the U.S., our customers can pick up most orders the same day. We are a one to two-day shipping point to the majority of our customers and have set our sights on being a one-day shipping point to the majority of US customers.

Employer of Choice

Coming to work every day at The McAlear Group is a choice. We want each of our employees to choose to work at The McAlear Group. We want to hire and retain some of the best and most capable people in their respected fields.

To do this, we strive to create a positive work environment and culture. A place where employees can say anything and share their opinions and ideas. A place where they can learn, grow and stay curious. A workplace that allows them to build a career, not just a job.

The IDeal Team Player

We know the secret to creating a great culture is having great people. We count on our employees to be the collective personality of The McAlear Group and to be the best and most capable team in their respected fields. We expect a lot out of our employees. We want them to continue learning, growing and staying curious. We ask them to become an Ideal Team Player.

Ideal Team Players are Hungry, Humble and (Emotionally) Smart. They also practice workplace safety, take pride in the quality work they do, and show up ready, able and willing to work. We actively measure our team members based on these principles to help guide their development and growth within our organization.

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Ideal Team Players that are Humble seek success for the team over themselves. They are quick to point out the contributions of others and slow to seek attention for themselves. They share credit and define success collectively rather than individually.

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Ideal Team Players that are Hungry think about what is next. They are self-motivated and diligent. They are constantly thinking about the next step and looking for new opportunities to help the team succeed.

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Ideal Team Players that are Smart are aware of team dynamics. They are socially appropriate and aware. They have good judgment and intuition around the subtleties of group dynamics and the impact of their words and actions.

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Safety minded Ideal Team Players work to lower the safety risks in their work environment. They lead by example and constantly look out for the wellbeing of visitors, co-workers and themselves.

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Quality minded Ideal Team Players take pride in the work that they do. They realize the importance they play in the larger system. They are always trying to exceed expectations.

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Ideal Team Players show up and are ready, able and willing to work. They recognize their presence is important. Knowing that when they are absent, they cause the team to be short-handed, leaving others to step up to attain team goals.